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Le juron, c’est-à-dire le sacre en français québécois n'est généralement pas le mot lui-même mais une variation genre « Tabernak ! » En plus, les trois traductions proposées sont toutes vulgaires. « Jesus Christ! » est certainement vulgaire et très familier.

Pour les définitions supplémentaires, je dirais que « tabernacle » suffit, évidemment, mais « tent of meeting » n'est pas précis. Par ailleurs, on dirait « sanctuaire », donc « sanctuary » ou simplement « holy place » dans les traductions bibliques ; la définition-ci doit être notée ainsi à mon avis.
  • Hello MaineAttractive,

    Thank you for your message. However, it's not completely clear to me what you are asking for. For the swear word, the variations 'tabernak' and 'tabernack' have been added (both relatively recently, so I guess neither was visible online when you sent this). Hopefully that deals with your first point.

    Concerning the translations, you point out that they are vulgar. As you've taken the time to point that out, I suppose I must draw the conclusion that you think they should not be vulgar. Is that right? I'm not familiar with the term, so I will be only too happy to get feedback from someone who is on how strong a swear word this is for Canadians and adapt the English translations accordingly (for the record, Jesus! or Jesus Christ! is pretty mild in BE, but we aren't a terribly religious bunch).

    Finally, tent of meeting and tent of the congregation (which I've just discovered and added) are apparently alternative terms for tabernacle - that is to say, specifically for tabernacle. Sanctuary and holy place seem to me to be much more general terms. However, this is not something I'm especially familiar with, so if you have further information, I'd be happy to have a look at that.