1. hollywood New Member

    Hello a tous,

    quelqu'un sait-il quelle est l'expression anglaise pour 'tableau de chasse'?

    Merci pour vos reponses.
  2. lafrancaisbuttain Banned

    oui, la tableau de chasse... 'hunting table' en francais!

  3. Welcome to WR forums, Hollywood.

    Are you thinking of "hunting scene"?

  4. hollywood New Member

    Thanks :)

    Hmmm... "scene" doesn't seem to fit.
    I mean that collection of trophies you bring back from a hunt. So 'tableau' means more like 'board'. Maybe 'Hunting board' exists?
  5. We use the expression "the hunt bag" for the game which is caught.

    Some regions impose "bag limits" on hunters to prevent certain species being over-hunted.

  6. hollywood New Member

    Thanks a lot, LRV.

    Would you also use this expression more figuratively, when it's not game you're after? E.g. the enemy planes taken down by a fighter pilot.

  7. Yes, Hollywood.

    Dictionary.com gives - Informal. To gain possession of; capture.

    I can imagine a fighter pilot saying, figuratively, "That's another one in the bag!" after shooting down an enemy aircraft.


    PS: I think you should perhaps have opened a new thread for a new question. No doubt a Mod will clarify this. :)
  8. hollywood New Member

    Thanks again for all these enlightments, LRV :)

    Apologies if I posted this second question in the wrong place.
  9. chicheb New Member

    France french
    Hi. I would say "hunting trophies" for "tableau de chasse". Hope this helps,
  10. lily1976 New Member

    on m'a donné comme traduction à tableau de chasse : " tally"... vous en pensez quoi?
  11. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    Tally, c'est le nombre de bêtes tués. 'Tableau de chasse' peut être employé comme image -- nombre de partenaires sexuels etc -- et donc il convient de préciser le contexte; s'il s'agit d'un tableau de chasse sexuel on pourrait utiliser "notches in his belt" à la place.
  12. DJ_RocherEtoile New Member

    French (France)
    How about ' killboard ' ?

    FYI this term is used in an online MMO to describe the website where a player (or a group of players rather) displays his 'kills' , meaning the other players he/she killed in the game, when, where, what with etc. A bit like a ' tableau de chasse ' in French don't you think ?

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