Tables with loose table tops

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I have a question concerning a part of the following sentence which has been taken from an instruction manual:

Do not use on glass topped tables, tables with loose table tops, table leaves, single pčedestal tables, card tables or camping tables.

Are tables with loose table tops simply tables that are loose, i.e. not attached properly or is it a special kind of table?

Thanks in advance.
  • Myridon

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    "Loose" here means "not attached (because it's not supposed to be attached)" which is a bit different than "not attached properly" (not attached because somebody assembled it incorrectly).


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    I believe this is from the instruction manual for a child's chair that attaches to the top of a table. (It would have been nice of the original poster to have provided that information initially.)

    In that context, I think it refers to any table top that is loose for any reason, since the table top could become detached while a child is in the chair. It doesn't matter if the table top is loose because it was designed that way or because it somehow became loose. What matters is that it is not a good place to attach the child seat.
    Thank you very much. I would have posted it if I had known, but this was sent to me by a friend who didn't provide any additional context.
    Anyway, thanks again, you have been very helpful!
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