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    Hi there, I'm translating a yoga book from English to Spanish. But I'm having a hard time translating positions because my own practice has been always in English. I'm particularly jammed with Tabletop position (the initial pose to do Cat-Cow) because Postura de la Mesa (which was my first attempt of translation is a different position facing up). Any suggestion? Also, I would really appreciate if someone knows a good and complete site in Spanish. Thank you!
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    I suggest "postura mesa gato".
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  3. lauranazario

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    Hi ardnas... and welcome to the forum.

    Are you referring to the position known as Catuspadapitham?
    If so, I heve seen it called the table-top pose, as well as the four-footed pose.

    Here's a page where they call it sostén de cuatro patas.

    Hope that helps.

  4. ardnas New Member

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    Hi, lauraznario, the position is like that but the opposite, that meaning on fours too, but facing the floor.
    Anyways, this book may be very helpful with asana's translation.
    Thank you very much!

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    If you are going with animals it's called la postura del gato! Another way to call it is "postura de cuatro puntos".
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