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Hi everyone!

Hoping there are some artists out there!

Does anyone understand the word tachism?
I am trying to translate a french sentence, which is supposedly ironic, however without understanding the meaning of 'tachism' I don't see the irony!

Literally translated, the context is
The bedroom walls obviously should have been white, although nowadays they looked more like a work of tachism...

Hope somebody can help explain!
  • timpeac

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    Type of abstract art, so it is a clever way of saying the walls were covered in stains.


    If you search in the English only wordreference dictionary and it doesn't have the word you want it gives you the option of searching in two other dictionaries - the attached link is just what one of those links gave - so I hope that helps you in further queries too :)


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    Thanks a lot,

    I did search on google but was a bit overwhelmed with all the arty sites I visited!

    I just could not find the irony in the sentence! I understand now though, thank you timpeac!
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