tack over [tuck over]


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Hello!! Can you please help me with this? It is a text about installing roof materials for waterproofing.
It goes like this:
When installed, the overhang of the rake flashing goes over the building paper and tucks over the overhang of the eave flashing.
My translation is:
Una vez instalada, la saliente de la lámina protectora del goterón pasa por sobre el papel para construccion y tucks over la saliente de la lámina protectora del alero.
thank you!!!!:)
  • frida-nc

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    Tack over? or Tuck over?
    Both are valid expressions, but they are different in meaning.
    I'm going with "tuck over," since you used it twice.

    To "tuck" usually means to bend the end of something around, often, but not necessarily, so that it can be inserted inside something else. To "tuck" A over B means that A is bent or folded around the top of B and curved under it.

    ...y se dobla / se pliega sobre la saliente de la tapajuntas del alero.

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