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We all know we have right of silence in criminal law (common law countries) and we don't need to say anything to the police. Suppose I committed a crime few days ago. And the police suspect and arrest me today for interrogation. I can keep my mouth shut.

But after the police gather enough information to charge me, I will be brought to court and now I will be in a situation that I may need to say something to defend myself. Cause the situation--the prosecution seems to have a strong case now--puts me at a disadvantage now.

I wonder if we have any phrase/idiom to express the situation where: I only do something i.e. in the above case, open my mouth, when the situation requires me to do so i.e. I start to feel the danger. If I am still in a safe situation, I can still do nothing and wait and see.
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    You can say that you will do something only when necessary, or only when you have to. A more general idiom meaning to tackle a problem when it arrives is "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it".

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    These suggestions do mean something along the lines of what you are asking, but I cannot quite imagine what sort of sentence you could use them in to fit the OP context.
    Do you have such a word/ phrase in your native language? It seems you are trying to cover two quite distinct concepts to me. Which one is your focus?
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