What is the meaning of the highlighted word.

"Mauritania now is saying: 'We are following stronger tactics, which [are] breaking al-Qaeda, weakening al-Qaeda, tackling al-Qaeda even on its bases'."
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    But when I checked my dictionary it appeared to me that when we are talking about political affairs it means "deal with" not the sport meaning.


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    Yes, tackle can mean that ("to 'take on'"). But that doesn't seem to be the meaning in your suggested sentence. It seems to be to "seize and throw down" Al Qaeda at its bases. But I might be reading something into that sentence that's not there.
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    The meaning is given in B3 in the forum dictionary. It has nothing to do with sport, although it may come from a sporting metaphor (e.g. rugby in the UK).

    We tackle/take on/try to solve problems or difficult tasks. Sometimes "deal with" fits.
    If you have an enemy and engage with them, you take them on. This means more ore less to fight them or struggle against them.


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    Hi atchan

    Like e2efour, I would understand it as meaning "take on", with no sporting connotations.
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