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How do you translate "Tacky Day" (a school event) to Spanish? For those who are not familiar, it's just a day where kids dress funny, mismatching, ridiculous etc. I looked at similar threads but I did not find anything helpful.

Thanks in advance for the help.
  • allende

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    Spanish (Spain)/Catalan
    I never did that in school back home so I don't know if there's a set way of calling it... You'll have to be imaginative! If you want to be literal: Día de Ropa de Mal Gusto, but that's sounds really bad to me, the Spanish "mal gusto" has a bad connotation. I'd go with something like: Día de la Ropa que no Conjunta, Día de la Ropa Loca, Día de la Ropa Hortera (this one would work great in Spain but I don't know if they use "hortera" in other Spanish-speaking countries)


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    Spanish - Uruguay
    Por aquí, las escuelas no traducen cosas como 'tacky day', 'crazy socks days', 'twinning day' y otras por el estilo. Se dejan en inglés y se incluye una breve explicación en español para beneficio de los padres.
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