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    I'm just curious as to the translations for the word "magnet" in those three languages/dialects. I know in Spanish, the word for magnet is "imán" which quite surprised me.

    Context: All magnets contain a magnetic field that vary in several ways.
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    Bato-balani is the Tagalog term for magnet. I consider this a deep Tagalog word because it is not one of the everyday words that you can hear. It is a compound word I guess, bato means "stone" but I am not sure about balani. They would just simply call it as a "magnet" though..
  3. rockjon Senior Member

    According to my Tagalog dictionary, balani is a word for something that attracts. Bato-balani means a stone that attracts which is another way of saying what a magnet does.
  4. Ajura Senior Member

    actually,you can use the term for seduction for magnet.
  5. nucks New Member

    good eve.. gusto ko lang po mlman sa tagalog 2..

    ayaw pud e think na gikabuangan tka

    sana po my sumagot..tnx
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    Nucks, I suggest you make a new thread so somebody can try to address your query.

    Thank you

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