Tailler un costard/une veste a quelq'un

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  1. finaud Senior Member

    This is an expression meaning to cut someone a suit or coat. Figuratively it is 'to run someone down behind their back'(Robrt collins). My question is, what is the meaning of 'run down' here? Is it to gossip about the person? Or is it to undermine or ruin him?
  2. Ellea1

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    I'd say "to gossip about someone"
  3. mirifica Senior Member

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    Bonjour, finaud,

    On dit aussi , dans le même sens de commérage virulent : habiller quelqu'un pour l'hiver. Il n'y a pas d' équivalent en UKE je crois, (image)
  4. clairet

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    "to run someone down" isn't just to gossip about them: it's constantly to say negative things about them.
  5. mirifica Senior Member

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    Bonjour à tous,

    The nearest verb I found in Harrap's is 'to slate'.
    'Tailler un costard à quelqu'un' is to critisize this person wickedly - and often wittily - from top to bottom.
  6. doinel

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    Exemple tiré d'une chanson de Jacques Higelin: Lettre à la petite amie de l'ennemi public numéro un.
    ( Avec) Le costard qu'ils m'ont taillé,
    Y'a plus personne pour repasser mes chemises.
    Garder le jeu de mots me semble impossible ;)
  7. Ellea1

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    Southern French
    To criticize unfairly

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