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Hi, guys!

My questions concerns "take a bow" expression. What is the exact meaning of it? I often see it when a football player scores a beautiful goal and people write "TAKE A BOW". Is it some kind of applause?
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    It's in the WR dictionary, under "bow": take a bow, to step forward or stand up to receive recognition, applause, etc.: Stand up, Helen, and take a bow.

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    For the basic verb, to take a bow means to do a bow which means to bow. All 3 mean the same.

    But when someone says to another person "take a bow" it usually means "people are applauding you. Respond to them".

    is the polite response to applause in the US. In casual events (certainly a football game) it is often bowing and waving. Unlike many other countries, the person being applauded does not also applaud.
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