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  1. nagariya Senior Member

    Does "take a call" in the sentence below mean to decide on something?
    If she agrees she likes other women and sexually attracted to them, then you need to address your fears and take a call on your relationship.
    I don't have the source for thus one.
    But I have the source for another example.
    BRICS to take a call on setting up development bank.
    Here does it mean to decide?
    Thank you.
  2. 1-word1at-a-time New Member

    British English
    To me its saying she needs to re-assess her whole situation, stand back and decide what she wants, as with BRICS, stand back and decide what they really want. So yes, decide what is the best thing to do.

  3. nagariya Senior Member

    Thank you very much.:)
  4. nagariya Senior Member

    But I looked up several dictionaries,not even one had this meaning.So if someone asks me to show the meaning in dictionary what do I do?Can you give me any dictioanry which has this meaning.
    Please help.
    Thank you.
  5. Jim2996 Senior Member

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    American English
    I think this figurative use from sports.

    Umpires are said to "make a call." It could be a strike, out of bounds, a foul, whatever. Their decisions are called calls.
    They are also either/or; it either is or it isn't. There are no in between, maybe, sort of, etc. It's yes/no, go/no go.

    I interpret the "take" part to mean that she has to make this call/decision.
    No one else is going to make the decision for her; she has to take it (upon herself).

    Does this help? I'm sure that both call and take are in your dictionary.
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  6. nagariya Senior Member

    Thank you so much jim2996 sir.
  7. Parla Senior Member

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    English - US
    According to Chambers 21st Century Dictionary (UK), it means the same as take a decision. In US English, that's make a decision.
  8. nagariya Senior Member

    Thank you.
    Parla could you please give me the link of that dictionary.I would really be grateful to you.
  9. nagariya Senior Member

    I really need that link.Please help me.
  10. Resa Reader

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