take a job or do a job


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Hello, my friends,

I was wondering whether the underlined part is idiomatic:

"What job do you want to take?"

Thoughts and context: Today I was responsible for the oral test of Gaokao as the examiner. I asked many questions but this I was not sure because I used to mean what he or she wanted to be in the future?
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    If you're asking about their career, I would ask, "What do you want to do (with your life)?"

    We wouldn't ask, "What job do you want to take?"


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    No, it is not. Wh-Questions about jobs usually take the verb "to do"

    "What [job] do you want to take do?"
    "What [job] do you do?"
    "Is that a hard job to do?"
    "When he cleans my car, he does a good job."
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