"Take a nap" vs "Have a snooze"


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Hello. I would like to know if there is a difference between the tho phrases from this thread's title: "Take a nap" and "have a snooze". Is one formal and the other one informal, or are they the same? I think "take a nape" its most common, is not it?
Besides, I would also like to know if "doze" its a synonysm of these two phrases.

Feel free to correct my grammar and spelling if I have any mistakes. Thank you very much.
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    They are very similar in meaning, formality and register. I'm familiar with both but in the US I've not often heard the word snooze except in "snooze button" on a clock radio that allows you to continue to sleep after the first alarm sound. This is a somewhat different activity than "having a snooze" "Take a nap" may be about 0.46% more formal than "Have a snooze" :D There also may be a AmE / BrE distinction in usage/prevalence. To me, doze is something that happens to you (I dozed off) rather than something you plan, which nap and snooze usually are.


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    "Take a nap" and "Have a snooze" mean the same thing, but the first is much more commonly used.

    And yes, to "doze" or "doze off" also mean to fall asleep. However, "doze" generally used to imply that the person fell asleep unintentionally ("I accidentally dozed off during class"), whereas the others imply that the person fell asleep on purpose ("I am going to take a nap now.").


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    To me "snooze" has a slightly pejorative ring to it. It is the kind of daytime-sleep that a lazy or senile person might be described as taking. The term "nap" is neutral.
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