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Hello everyone,

From the book 99: stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky:

"At the beginning of Gordie’s career, sticks had totally straight blades so he always shaved around the toe to round it. Today sticks are custom-made, but back then you just got what you got. Blades came very square, and so Gordie would take a rasp to the toe."

What does "take a rasp to the toe" mean?

Thank you.
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    The toe here has nothing to do with anyone's foot, but means the bottom of the stick, which could be shaped by "shaving" it (as in the first sentence). That's stated again – Gordie would take a rasp (= file) to the toe – in the third sentence.

    Or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick? :)

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    I understand it in the same way as lingobingo. The clue is that Gordie "always shaved around the toe to round it. (...) Blades came very square, and so Gordie would take a rasp to the toe." Gordie used a rasp to round off the toe = shave (a)round the toe = cut down the corners.
    ... you can change the shape to suit your hand. If you've got smaller hands, try sanding the end plug with your rasp and file. Some players like an oval shape or even a round wheelbarrow shape. The rounded rasp end works great to cut down the corners, then smooth it out with the flat file end. (wildabouthockey)
    (In the quotebox, they're talking about the other end of the stick - the handle, but the use of the rasp to cut down the corners on the blade end is the same principle.)
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    The blade is analogous to a foot. The toe is the part farthest forward. The heel is the part at the back, closest to where the stick joins.

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