take a slug to the heart

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I came across this expression in the TV show called desperate housewives. The character named Lynette says, "when we do Bambi next spring, his mother is gonna take a slug to the heart, and you are gonna like it." what is the meaning of "take a slug to the heart"? She is aurguing with anther woman when they are working together for their kids' show "little red riding hood". This woman has been giving Lynette a hard time and Lynette finally could not endure it and expresses her dissatisfaction.
I guess Bambi is a show's name, but what does "take a slug to the heart" mean ?
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    Or even better, read the book Bambi, a Life in the Woods, which predated the film by some years and which avoids the cuteness of Disney's version.


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    Not really. It means have a bullet go in your heart. But if a bullet goes in your heart that almost always causes you to die.


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    thanks for the explanation. taking a bullet to the heart means be killed.
    In the context of the OP, that is exactly what it means, but without that context it just tells you where a bullet went. The speaker in the OP seems to be deliberately making the incident in the story sound as brutal as she can. In the book (1928 translation by Whittaker Chambers) the only information we have is
    It seemed to him as if he saw his mother hit, but he did not know if it was really she or not.
    6 pages later
    Bambi never saw his mother again.
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