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Hello Everybody,
Was trying now to get bit inside the slang of French language.
In Hindi slang for example, if two people are romantically intrested and talking in phone, they use 'Take a umbrella' in order to signify bring some protection.
Does that same represent in French like "Prends la parapluei si ca va plu". Like take a umbrella if it is going to rain!! Like if bring some protection as something will happen.


Ram Bahadur
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    Hi poudel and welcome!
    In the 1940's, a "parapluie" was a word used to say "condom".
    Nowadays, kids use "condom" (correct) or "capotte" (slang)


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    Does it can be before the two are really involved sexually?? I understand that once they have a relationship already on sexual level, they might be direct but not before that.


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    The expression "Sors/Sortez couvert(s)" would be used by someone not involved in the relationship, willing to remind people to be cautious. It's not the kind of stuff you would say to your (future) partner, especially on the phone...


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    I dont understand what u mean by protection?

    protection against their love being discovered?
    If it is that what you, in slang you would say something like:

    "Fait attention à ne pas te faire cramer"

    (cramer means literaly burn)

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