take choice


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Hi, "to take action" means "to act", would you tell someone in the same way "take choice" instead of "choose"?
There is know context; it is just something that came up on my mind. Thanks
  • cfu507

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    Thank you very much. Does anyone have an idea why there is an article befor chice and there is no article before action:
    take action vs. make a choice


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    India-Local dialect
    Choices are countable. All countable require an indefinite article if they are already mentioned before.


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    British English (Midlands)
    'Take action' is an idiom meaning to initiate an unspecified number of indiviual actions. "An action" would be a single movement/set of movements. "The action" has many idiomatic meanings depending upon whether you're in the military, a guitarist, a physicist, a seeker of parties...