Take in account vs take into account


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Hello everybody! One short and easy question: is it legit to use the expression "take in account" as a synonym of "take into account"? For example in a letter: "Please, take in account the following rules:" followed by a list of short sentences. I'm pretty sure that in and into are interchangeable, but somebody told me that you cannot use "Take in account".
  • yapa

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    "Take in account" is not possible: You can use:
    "take account of something" or "take something into account"

    If you take inflation into account, we actually spend less now.

    A good transport strategy must take account of the environmentalissues.


    O Alem

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    Into is a preposition of movement/direction. For example, a rocket will take you into space. You cannot say a rocket will take you in space. I always recommend understanding all the prepositions before studying prepositional phrases, phrasal verbs, etc. Learn at least 80, which is a much longer list than in Italian or even Latin.