take it for what it's worth and nothing more


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can anyone explain this quote? Need anyones help.
Take it for what it's worth and nothing more.
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    So what someone tells me it has no meaning to it?
    I said don't place any hidden meanings in it. Here's an example: Let's say that a handsome young man moves into the house next door. I introduce myself and exchange pleasantries and go home. I then say to my husband: "That handsome young man who just moved in next door is very nice."

    My husband could see some hidden meaning in what I've said and think that I'm going to try to seduce that handsome fellow and sneak around behind my husband's back and have an affair with the neighbour. Or, he could take it for what it (my comment) is worth (the fact that the young man is handsome and nice and I like him) and nothing more (that I'm going to have an affair with him)
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