take it from one to another


Hi, everyone:

We both occasionally allow caution to be overwhelmed by our enthusiasm for an idea, with the resultant public relations consequences.
One wonders what Speaker Pelosi was thinking when she went to Damascus to meet with the Syrian dictator.
When the White House asked her not to do it, she would have gained points by cooperating. Take it from one Speaker to another: too much enthusiasm has consequences.

Could you tell me the meaning of the red part?

Best wishes.
  • idialegre

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    Nancy Pelosi has the title "Speaker of the House." I don't know whom you are quoting here, but he or she must also have the title of "Speaker." Perhaps a former Speaker of the House. At any rate, he or she is addressing Ms. Pelosi, saying, "I am a Speaker and you are a Speaker. Here is a piece of advice from me to you, i.e., from one Speaker to another Speaker." "Take it" means "take my advice" or "believe me."
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