take much less of a sales job

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The followings are advice on how to succeed in business and i am not sure what the red parts mean.

Smart enterpreneneurs will define what they're about. They will get better cliensts with a more narrow focus and they will get their ideal clients without having to compete on price. It will take much less of a sales job to convince their customers they( here they mean enterpreneurs??) know how to serve them. (here them mean customers????) (?????????????) ...

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    "It will take much less of a sales job to convince their customers they know how to serve them."

    This means that a smart entrepreneur won't have to expend so much energy (less of a sales job) convincing their customers that they (the entrepreneur) know how to serve them (the customers).



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    I have some other confusion about this!
    Parents have to do much less for their children today than they used to do, and home has become much less of a workshop
    What does "MUCH LESS" here mean??


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    It should mean parents have a lot less duties/obligations/work raising their children. Home used to be a workshop to a greater extent - now it is home a lot more than it is a workshop.
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