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Speaking of airplane departures, a sentence such as this may be encountered:

after his flight took off, he reclined his seat and slept for four hours...

It is my understanding that in Italian one speaks of "la partenza del volo" and NOT of "il decollo del volo," "decollo" being used only with reference to the aircraft itself.

True or false?
  • Black Opal

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    Good question.

    Personally I'd translate the first part as "Dopo il decollo..." because it is specifically after take-off that he reclines his seat.

    I'd like to hear what others say though.


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    You are right k_g: as Black_Opal says your phrase means "Dopo il decollo..." and it is the areoplane's "decollo", not the flight's.


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    Mi devo correggere: in realtà anche un volo può decollare!
    Ad esempio:
    "Il volo è decollato da Fiumicino alle..."
    "Il volo è decollato in ritardo."
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