take off/remove the phone

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I just want to know how to say this. :confused:

I wanna say that you are pretending that you are not laughing. you dont laugh into phone. :warn:

You just take off/remove the phone & laughing. :idea:

Explain the proper way of saying this in one sentence.

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    You just take off/remove the phone & laughing.
    Yes, this is close.

    I would say, "You take the phone away from your mouth and you laugh."

    (You might also cover the phone with your hand, so the other person doesn't hear you.)
    Many phones these days have a 'mute' button which you can hold down to prevent the person on the other end hearing what you are saying to a third party in the room with you, or laughing at your caller.

    I have to say I've never dared to put my trust in this feature.

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