take on a job after ?? the former employee

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I took the job positon after ?? the former employee

(The former employee has left, the job position has become vacant, and I could took the job position after him.)
  • Gwan

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    New Zealand, English
    You could say that, but it's not super natural. I would probably say something like "I replaced Julie" or "I'm Julie's replacement" or "I took Julie's job".


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    I'm not disputing Gwan's suggestion, but I don't think it's a very postive thing to say.

    I don't believe in anyone being someone's replacement, because you are an individual in your own right. Being a replacement reminds me of being like a robot, you can replace a car, or a computer but not a person. A person is unique and not in place of someone else. You wouldn't get a divorce and get a replacement wife/husband so why be a replacement employee?

    I would suggest,

    "I took the position left vacant by Julie," or (more naturally to me) "I took the vacancy (position) after Julie left.
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