"take on one's weight in wildcats" means what?

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    Hi bros, please help me with meaning of this

    This makes good sense, because I find people are getting up where they start feeling good and they start taking on their weight in wildcats and so on, but they go around complaining, “I’m not a clear yet.” Nonsense! If that were all we could do for people after thirty-six hours of processing, we would still be doing a lot more than has ever been done before. But we are kind of greedy, so we have got to go all the way out.

    From Theory behind Theta-MEST
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    It is a metaphor for tackling huge challenges.

    “To take on a wildcat” means to fight it.

    “Their weight in cats” literally means a number of cats equivalent to the person’s actual bodymass.

    Does that make it clear?
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    Thank you very much. It's clear!

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