take someone for a ride (deceive)


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Take someone for a ride

1. Lit. to carry someone about, usually for recreation, in a car, plane, boat, etc.
2. Fig. to deceive someone. You really took those people for a ride. They really believed you. I was taken fora ride on this matter

reference: free dictionary

Could someone possibly explain why the idiom can be a figure for decieve?

  • owlman5

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    I think the phrase "to take somebody for a ride" probably started with the idea of telling somebody that you were going to take them to a certain place. If you lied, then you might start driving them to another location, probably to one where they don't really want to be. You have deceived your passenger. You are "taking them for a ride".


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    In the old gangster movies, the boss would issue an order to "take someone for a ride", meaning "take him out and kill him." The victim, of course, wouldn't know the true destination until it was too late.
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