Take someone to the river


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Are the expressions,
1-"Take someone to the river" and
2-" being taken for a ride" synonymous of being cheated, deceived, or even tricked?
I know that the second expression can also mean to be taken in a car a killed.
But does it mean being deceived?

Thank you.
  • akelas

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    Spanish, from Spain
    Hello again.
    I don't know, I've heard that expression in a movie, when a man says to his friend "can't you see that she's taking you to the river?"
    I remember that phrase, for sure, but not the context. Perhaps the woman "her" was seducing him but just to obtain something from the guy.
    About the second expression, does
    "being taken for a ride" mean being cheated? (not "cheated on" as in unfaithful) And also, murdered?