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Allen's software was used to create special effects in great productions like Babylon 5 and Space: Above and Beyond, but it got used for this crap, too. I do have to hand it to Toon Makers for being imaginative, though - their concept featured not just sailor costumes, but crazy magic windsurfers. That's taking the motif to the next level!

I found this in a article telling how the cartoon Sailor Moon developed in a foreign market ,but what does this sentence mean ?
Is it "be off the topic"?

If you need more context,you could jump to this page

the last line of the second paragraph below the fifth picture.
Thanks in advance!​
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    'Motif' means 'theme'. In this case the motif is the 'Sailor Moon' concept.
    'Taking it to the next level' means making an imaginative leap which develops the concept in a strikingly new or different way.
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