... take the proper trolley-buses or buses.


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Now I begin to know how to take the proper trolley-buses or buses. (The sentence is from a book.)
What does 'proper' mean in this sentence? Does it mean 'knowing how to take the buses properly'?
Thank you!
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    I imagine that it means the person now knows which buses to take to get to various destinations. The "proper" ones being the "right" ones, e.g. Bus 101 to Stanley, Bus 202 to Victoria.

    It's an unusual phrasing, including "Now I begin to know ..." If this sentence is representative of other sentences in the book, I hope you're not using it to learn English.


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    I'd say it means the correct bus. Now I know how to identify the correct bus for my destination (the one that goes where I want to go).

    Knowing how to take the bus properly means knowing how to use the service properly - for example knowing which door to use to enter and which one to get out of, if there are designated doors.

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