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I wrote a sentence as following, but I am not sure if it is 100% correct.

Can you please let me know your comments and correct any mistake I made:

With ages growing, I realize people who have the similar thoughts as me my have a problem of self-abasement in their deep heart,which shows in the contrary way-arrongantly deny others and take themselves as the best."

Thanks in advance!

  • windyvalley

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    Hi GreenWhiteBlue & bibliolept,

    Thanks for your comments!

    What I tried to say is that when "I" am getting old, I find out that some people who treat others in an arrogant way may have a problem of less confidence in their hearts.

    I hope this is a little clear,

    So, can you let me know where I have made numberic mistakes as I did not know where they were:eek:?

    Thanks for your patience!

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