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Hello everyone

In Iran, we have 2 types of taxis: Shared taxis and private taxis.
Private taxis are like Uber in western countries but in shared taxis , that's different. For example, when I drive , I pick up someone. Then, I keep driving. If I see someone else , I can pull over and offer him/her a ride. That's how shared taxis work in Iran.
Context: Sara is a single mom and she has a ten year old son. She was sexually molested many times by men who sat next to her. One day, she and her son sit in the backseats of a taxi. She tells the driver not to pick up another passenger (I need to mention that there is another passenger sitting in the front seat).
The driver says: Why ? Do you want to take three seats?
Sara: Yes and I'll pay for that.
Does the highlighted part sound correct and natural in this context?

Please tell me your opinion.
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    It makes sense in the context you've explained there. :)

    "Are you willing to pay for three seats?" is probably a more natural thing for the driver to ask, as I imagine he'd be concerned more with the potential loss of a fare, rather than why she might want the taxi to herself.
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