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Relax and unwind to the views of lush hills cascading against a spectacular horizon at Banyan Tree Sanya. Or take up one of our tours and explore age-old indigenous tribes. ... Take up this Online Exclusive package and treat yourself to an escape in the Orient! (source)

What does "take up" mean here? Do both "take up" mean the same?
  • hya_been

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    For "take up one of our tours" i agree take would be sufficient. As for Take up this online = it means buy/purchase something along those lines.


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    "Take up" has the same meaning in both cases - the meaning viv has indicated.

    Take up one of our tours - this is from a web site advertising holiday packages with optional tours available.

    Take up this Online Package - has nothing to do with "along these lines" (sorry hya). The tour package is being advertised online, it is an Online Package.

    envie de voyager

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    I agree that an explanation can be found for both instances of the word "up" in the original post. But, I believe that if the word "up" had not been used at all, Wookie would have had no question as to their intended meaning, and we would not be having this discussion.
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