take us captive

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nguyen dung

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Hi every one,please help me this:
In these sentences, is the "captive" adj or noun:
As a rule, evil is present in our physical body. There is a tug-of-war going on within us. Our spiritual, God-loving self is trying to rise up to higher ground, and our physical, pleasure-loving self is dragging us down into the pit of sin. Unless we get help from God, evil will conquer us and take us captive.
  • Ponyprof

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    Canadian English
    "to take us captive" is a standard kind of phrase, and could be applied to military situations (the soldiers have taken us captive, the pirates took him captive, etc). It can be a noun (the government negotiated for release of the captives) but in this case I think it is an adjective (the captive man, I am captive).
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