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Hello all,

Kristin: And then you could end up sitting there waiting for hours, even though you’ve got this appointment time and you’re there on time.
Joe: Yeah, I’ve…
Kristin: When you’ve, when they finally do take you back then, you might not even see a doctor; it could be a nurse practitioner.

Source: A.J. Hoge, Effortless English, Real English Conversation

1)What does "you've got" mean here?
2)what does "take someone back" mean here"? I looked up dictionaries but couldn't find any meaning to fit in the context.

Thank you.
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    Where do they take you? To the consultation or treatment room, which is typically toward the back of the building. They will take you back there.

    If the treatment room was upstairs, they would take you up there.


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    The comma is in the wrong place (it would make more sense after “back”).

    And “take you back” is ambiguous. I think here it means when it’s finally your turn and you go into the back of the area to be seen by a medic. That may be idiomatic in AE (I don’t know), but it’s not in BE. I would have expected: and when they do finally call you…


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    In my (AE) experience, when it's time for you to go from waiting room to examination room,
    a nurse steps out and says "Come on back." The waiting room is considered the front.
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