Take you up on your offer

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  1. gauguin Member

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    Hi, I would like to use the expression "take you up on your offer" in the following which I have made an attempt at writing in French. Please help me correct the entire communication.

    In English what I want to say:
    Are you available tomorrow early afternoon for me to visit you at your office? I'd like to take you up on your offer before you go out of town. If so, does 1:00PM work for you?

    My attempt in French:
    Aurez-vous le temps de me vous rendre visite (a votre bureau) demain l'apres-midi? J'aimerais beaucoup de prendre votre offrir avant que vous partissez. S'il ce sera bien, puis-je arriver a 1PM? (I've also forgotten my times of the day!)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    j'accepte ton offre
  3. deliadame Senior Member

    If the offer was simply to meet him, you could say :

    "Seriez-vous disponible demain après-midi pour que je passe à votre bureau ? J'aimerais vous rencontrer avant votre départ. Si oui, un rendez-vous à 13h vous conviendrait-il ?"

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