taken to signify

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Can you help me understand the meaning of "taken to signify" in this sentence? Thank you!​
So strong was the attraction exercised by the New World that the vision of a new society it provided apparently influenced the political thought of the Enlightenment, contributing to the emergence of a new concept of "liberty," taken to signify masterlessness, an idea previously unknown in European political theory​
Caliban and the WItch, Silvia Federici​
  • owlman5

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    Hello, ED1. The phrase should mean "understood to mean 'masterlessness'." If the word "liberty" signifies "masterlessness", then the word means "masterlessness" to an individual or a group of people.

    I hope this answer is meaningful to you, ED1. In trying to answer questions that arise from wordy, abstract books, I often find it difficult to offer clear explanations of what some word or phrase should mean.
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