takeover currency

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Context: "But Shell was inhibited in doing this by its complex ownership structure of being basically two companies. This prevented it from offering its shares as takeover currency."

From Organisation Theory:Concepts and Cases By Stephen P. Robbins/Neil Barnwell, page 543.

In the above, can you please help me with the meaning of "takeover currency". Also, can you provide some references on the web?


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    In this sentence, "takeover currency" means "something used as incentive or payment in a takeover bid," I think.

    So Shell could not use its own shares as an offer in a bid to take over another company, because of its complex ownership structure.


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    takeover currency = currency used for the purpose of financing a takeover. Although currency is often use to mean "money", it does not only mean money:

    currency -> WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2017
    cur•ren•cy (kûrən sē, kur-), n., pl. -cies. Currency - something that is used as a medium of exchange;
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