takes a lot of work

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Polish, English
Bonjour. To translate the following sentence "It takes a lot of work to accomplish this (goal)" can I say "On doit travailler dûr pour réussir"?

Peut-on dire "Réussir demande du travail dur"?
Merci d'avance :D
  • zapspan

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    English, USA (Southern California)
    Can one also use "demande beaucoup de travail" in a context like this? Dogs take a lot of work.

    Would it be "Avoir un chien demande beaucoup de travail"?
    or maybe: "Les chiens demandent beaucoup de travail"?

    Jim in Phila

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    American English
    I think in Zapspan's example, the verb could be changed to involve (Eng) = nécessite (Fr) beaucoup de travail.
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