"...takes a lot out of him."


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Hello, every one.
I hope you could help me. What does "takes a lot out of him" mean in this context?:

The mother sais that Jack's mother's dead "takes a lot out of him".

How can I complete this sentence using " difficult" and anothers words?:

The mother sais that Jack's mother's dead __________________________
to get over.

Thanks a lot for all of you.
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  • George French

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    The mother saisd that Jack's mother's deadth "takesook a lot out of him".

    This is a fairly common expression. When someone has a serious problem, a death in the family, etc. they are stressed, unhappy etc.

    The 'expression' means that they experience physical and or mental stresses that often makes then feel ill, confused and or very tired. They feel bad, are sad, upset and under stress.

    This makes you feel weak, confused, sad etc...


    Such things do take a lot out of you...


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    I agree with George French's excellent explanation.

    "Wow, that dance class took a lot out of me... I'm exhausted!"

    "Breaking up with John took a lot out of me. I don't have much motivation to socialize these days."

    "College is a great experience, but if you overcommit to too many activities and classes, it can take a lot out of you."


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    Thank you, George French and sandpiperlily for your clear and excellent explanation.

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