takes more psychedelics, notably <mushrooms>


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Does mushrooms here particularly mean "hallucinogenic mushrooms"?

Inspired by McKenna, Lin cuts back on the uppers and downers and takes more psychedelics, notably mushrooms, LSD, DMT and Salvia divinorum. He starts writing a book called Beyond Existentialism, which eventually turns into Trip. Explaining why he wrote the book Lin says:

-Scientific American

Source: Oneness, Weirdness and Alienation
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    Yes. The author has already established the class of <things> he is talking about -- psychedelics. The mushrooms Lin takes are within that class.

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    Thank you.

    I first guessed "thins" as "thin air(s)" (something or some phenomenon in magical worlds) and checked it out in dictionaries about whether it refers to some drugs... then realized that it might be a typo. ;)
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