takes out insurance to cover a number of drivers


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Someone has or buys a car, takes out insurance to cover a number of drivers, writes out a plan of maintenance, and an agreement with several others that includes who buys goas and when, how the vehicle is to be treated, and a flexible schedule of who uses it when.


The above is from a simulated test entitled "Sharing Cars." Is it right to view "takes out insurance" as "pay the insurance bill?" Thanks.
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    Not necessarily.
    The person who arranges the insurance, contacts the insurance company or agent and provides the details of the cars and drivers is the person who takes out the insurance.
    It could be that this person pays the bill as well, but, perhaps not.


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    Thanks, Bevj, for the quick reply.

    To make sure I've got it right, does the sentence in question mean "Someone has or buy a car, takes care of insurance to include a number of drivers ... ?" Thanks again.
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