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    “Now who are you?” demanded Lem, in the deep voice that Arya had heard through the branches of the willow.
    She was not about to give up her true name as easy as that. “Squab, if you want,” she said. “I don’t care.”
    The big man laughed. “A squab with a sword,” he said. “Now there’s something you don’t often see.”
    “I’m the Bull,” said Gendry, taking his lead from Arya. (Game of Thrones)

    Hi. Does "taking his lead from" mean Gendry copied Arya?
    Thank you.
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    Yes, in style or manner, not necessarily in actual words or actions.
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    Arya carefully avoided saying her real name, in reply to "Who are you?". Instead she made up a fiction: "Squab" (a bird often eaten for dinner).

    Saying Gendry "took his lead from Arya" means Gendry noticed what she did, and carefully did the same, saying "I'm the Bull" instead of "I'm Gendry".

    So he "followed her lead" in his way of answering "Who are you?"
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    Thank you. I see. By the way, can we say "follow suit", which has a similar meaning, in this case?

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