"taking my chances" in Ancient Greek

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  1. Ianhurley New Member

    Hey all, I'm looking into gettin a tattoo in greek that reads "taking my chances" or taking chances. Through some research I've found that the phrase could be ρισκάρω. However, I don't read greek and was wondering if this was an accurate translation. Thanks so much! Please, if possible, respond ASAP.
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  2. Ianhurley New Member

    This would mean a lot to me considering I know absolutely no knowledge of Ancient Greek. Thanks a bunch everyone. This is also my first post so I'm new to all this and thought someone here could help me out!
  3. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    "Ρισκάρω" as you might have guessed is not Ancient Greek, it's Modern Greek (someone might say it's not even Greek). But it covers what you want to say. Another way would be Παίρνω ρίσκα. Other more "greek" solutions could be Τολμάω, Τολμώ, or είμαι τολμηρός. As for Ancient Greek, it's not my strong point, so wait for other foreros.
    Oh and btw, welcome to the forum!
  4. Perseas Senior Member


    I think in Ancient Greek both verbs διακινδυνεύω and κινδυνεύω have the meaning you are looking for. See here and here what exactly they mean.

    In Mod. Greek:
    Also the verb διακινδυνεύω ;
    and the phrases:
    το παίζω κορόνα γράμματα (word by word: I play something head & tails)
    παίζω με τη φωτιά (I play with the fire)
    το παίζω στα ζάρια (word by word: I play something at the dice)
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  5. Ianhurley New Member

    Thanks! Also, the original word/phrase I posted, was that accurate or correct in any sense? Thanks for the prompt reply
  6. Perseas Senior Member

    Yes, ρισκάρω or παίρνω το ρίσκο (I take the risk) are correct.
  7. Ianhurley New Member

    Huge help. Much appreciated
  8. Andrious Senior Member

    I don't know if the tattoo is finished, but another option you might find interesting is the ancient phrase (understandable from all Greeks, though) "Ο ΤΟΛΜΩΝ ΝΙΚΑ" (WHO DARES WINS).

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