talk behind one's back

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Just curious how one would say to talk behind one's back.

eg.: I heard him talk behind my back the other day.

Thanks in advance,
  • abdulwahid

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    In the Islamic tradition ghiiba is saying something about someone that the person would dislike. Namiima is sowing discord between people (going to person A and telling him that person B said something bad about him in order to corrupt their relationship, regardless of if what is said is true or not)


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    English- American/ Hebrew
    How would one use these words in a sentence? If I wanted to say

    "She spready lies about me in school" could I roughly say: هي نمّت علي في المدرسة"

    or alternatively if I wanted to say, "she told my parents some of my secrets" "هي اغتابت لوالدي"?
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