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One more question.

On a tv show, a group of girls are holding a group meeting since there has been animosity between some of them. One girl doesn't like the other and tells her that. Another one says that maybe things could be solved immediately after they have happened. Then the first girl says something like this (to the camera) "When someone talks briefs/breeze to me, I'm just like whatever, I'm not even taking it onboard. But at least now we know where we stand." What could it mean? The script cannot always be trusted so it is possible that she says something else too, but that's what it sounds like. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Someone else may recognize one of those words in this context, but I don't.

    If no one has a better suggestion, could she be saying "B.S."? [BullShit = self-serving deceptive nonsense.] Among the things that I could think of that might fit, this is the one that is closest in sound, though not perfect, I admit.


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    Hi subtitler,
    There was a recent thread on the London slang phrase "chat breeze" (see thread here). The phrase means essentially the same as what Cagey described for BS. It's not too far of a leap from "chat breeze" to "talk breeze" I suppose.


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    I would question whether they were talking English! They might be using English words, but that is as far as it goes.


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    A search for "to talk breeze" produced one example with the meaning kitenok suggests:
    I had to buy two girls a drink just to talk breeze for two hours until time came for things to get busy later. BigBabbleBlog.
    Among the search results for "talk breeze" are a few more examples of the same usage.

    This seems a likely possibility.
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