talk to a dolphin

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It's like trying to talk to a dolphin.

I wonder if I can use these expression to mean that I am talking to someone who totally couldn't understand me, probably because he is an illiterate or his educational level is much lower than me?

I got this expression from the big bang theory when Sheldon Cooper talked to Zack, Zack seemed not to have enough education so he didn't even understand "coitus" in the sitcom.

May I have your opinion?
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    American English
    I'd say "it's like trying to talk to a donkey"
    A dolphin is a very intelligent criature!
    Well, yeah, but they don't speak any human languages, and talking to them in one won't get an intelligible response, any more than talking to a donkey would. Reminds me of a Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon that might take 1,000 words to describe.

    "Talking to a dolphin" might be a better simile since they are smart and they talk to each other, so it might seem reasonable to expect a response when a human talks to them; but I think that if that had ever happened, it would have been in the news.
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