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Hi!, What's the difference betwenn saying:

"I went to talk to Valery" and "I went to talk with Valery"


"I'm talking to Valery" and "I'm talking with Valery"?

Are both correct? Do they mean the same?

Thanks in advance u,u
  • chamyto

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    Talk to implica que estás hablando con una o varias personas, dirigiéndote a ellas y ellas también te hablan a ti.

    Talk with podría implicar o bien que te diriges a una o varias personas y estás no te hacen caso y no te contestan,

    o que soys dos personas y tú eres el único que hablas....



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    They are synonymous in common usage. "Talking to" does not specifically say that Valery saya anything, and could indicaré a one sided conversation. "Talking with" makes it clear that both speak.