1. thestoryteller97 Member

    Munich, Germany
    Peru Spanish
    Though I know the difference between the verb talk (hablar) and tell (decir), when a student of mine asked me what the difference was between the two of them I wasn't able to add more support evidence other than the difference in meaning to explain him when to use one or the other. I would really thank you if you could help me explain this to my student (because apparently, the meaning difference wasn't enough for him to understand).

    Thanks again, I hope to hear from you.
  2. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    To talk: to speak: hablar
    To say: to tell: decir
    To tell: as in a story: narrar: contar

    Tell me your name: Dime tu nombre.

    Tell him to quit bothering me.: Dile que deje de molestarme ya.

    Speak to me in Spanish: Háblame en español.

    I need to speak (talk) to you: Necisito hablar con usted.

    Tell me something about her: Cuéntame algo de ella.

    Mom, tell me a story: Mami, cuéntame un cuento.

    Espero que esto te ayude en ver las diferencias entre los verbos.
  3. thestoryteller97 Member

    Munich, Germany
    Peru Spanish
    Thank you very much, I think this examples will help me explain my student. I don't see why he has trouble with this, but I think this will be enough to solve the problem. Thanks again.
  4. ggca Senior Member

    México - Español, Inglés
    Tell = decir/contar = to tell something, for example, tell a story = decir/contar algo, por ejemplo, Contar una historia.
    Talk = hablar/plaicar = talk with someone = hablar/platicar con alguien
  5. thestoryteller97 Member

    Munich, Germany
    Peru Spanish
    Thanks to you to ggca.

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